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Automated Cargo Flow

Provide a seamless and automated flow of cargo from arrival to port until dispatch. While the Automated Cargo Flow services are controlled by the supply chain control center, they rely on robots and smart conveyor belts for ground operations, minimizing human intervention and equipment idling time.

Key benefits

Optimized Service Operations
Optimized Service Operations
Autonomous robots support port ground operations in efficiently loading, unloading, moving and stacking containers around the port.
Improved Logistics Performance Index
Improved Logistics Performance Index
The service enables more efficient operations across key logistics dimensions including customs, international shipments, logistics competence and timeliness.
Increased Workplace Safety
Increased Workplace Safety
Connected robots minimize collisions and incidents around the port as vehicles are aware of their surroundings and move on dedicated paths.

User Journey

  • 1
    The control center schedules ground operations in line with an arriving ship
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  • 2
    Container ship arrives at the port with inbound shipments waiting to be unloaded
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  • 3
    Autonomous cranes unload containers in sequence
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    Operators monitor operations and adjust schedules in real-time
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  • 5
    Autonomous straddle carriers transfer containers to the container yard
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Potential Service Features

  • Predictive Actions
  • Voice Commands
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure
  • Vehicle to Vehicle

Implementation Analysis

Implementation Timeline

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Regulatory Conduciveness

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  • Favorable
  • Challenged
  • Complex

Technology Commercial Viability

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  • Viable in Long Term

Investment Requirements

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Key Implementation Consideration

Conceptual Diagram

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