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TASMU will leverage and optimize, our resources, processes, technology and innovation for the benefit of our people, our economy and our environment, creating a strong, vibrant and diverse digital eco-system for our future.
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TASMU's vision is to harness the power of technology and innovation to deliver digital solutions to the citizens, residents and visitors of Qatar with the aim of improving their lives and driving sustainable economic diversification.

TASMU catalyzes Qatar’s ICT ecosystem by uniting global innovators with the needs of the local market to fuel Qatar’s digital transformation. Harnessing advanced technology and innovation, TASMU will drive sustainable economic diversification and improve the quality of life for everyone in Qatar.

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Our sectors and themes
TASMU's vision and mission is set to be achieved through smart, citizen-centric solutions that will be developed across the five key priority sectors.
Smart Transportation
Facilitate mobility through a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly transport network
Sector KPIs:
  • 20% reduction in road network delays
  • Reducing road fatalities to 6 per 100,000
  • 10% reduction in average vehicle trip emissions