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Fish Stock Monitoring

Enabling fisherman & fish farmers to better monitor & report their production and receive insights on sustainability. Data is fed into the central platform to providing visibility on fish supply & sustainability on a national level

Key benefits

Empower fisherman & fish farmers
Empower fisherman & fish farmers
with greater visibility of their production, business statistics & insights, and sustainability advice
Improve wild fish sustainability
Improve wild fish sustainability
by providing MME more accurate monitoring & analysis capabilities on live catching rates
Enhance contingency planning
Enhance contingency planning
for MME with wild & farmed fish business information & inventory data

Related personas

User Journey

  • 1
    In order to help manage and promote sustainable fish production in the country, a fisherman downloads the fish stock app on his phone
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  • 2
    He signs up in the app, fills in his business info and the types of wild fish he typically catches, and clears a verification processes
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  • 3
    Every day, he goes fishing on the sea. He logs on his app the quantities of fish caught by species and their catch location after bringing back the haul of fish of the day
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  • 4
    Data from the fisherman & satellite images feed into the central platform, updating info for fish species & their ecosystems
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  • 5
    MME uses the platform’s analytics capabilities to estimate stocks of fish remaining in the wild based on catch data & locations
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Potential Service Features

  • Automated data upload
  • Sustainability recommendations
  • Fish business & National Alerts
  • National visibility of fish supply/sustainability

Implementation Analysis


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Key Implementation Consideration

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