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Smart Food Supply Routing

A centralized data collection & analysis hub for the govt to assess existing & emerging global food security threats & their possible impact on Qatar's food security. The system will be a future extension to the National Food Security Analytics use case

Key benefits

Centralized storage of food security data & info
Centralized storage of food security data & info
for MME & other key govt stakeholders to search and use when needed
Enabler of pro-active action
Enabler of pro-active action
by finding and alerting users to emerging threats ahead of time.
Ability to assess impact on Qatar’s food security
Ability to assess impact on Qatar’s food security
of emerging global or international food security threats

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User Journey

  • 1
    The system monitors online news, publications, academia and uses natural language processing to filter for food security related pieces
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  • 2
    The system collates food security intelligence/reports created by the Qatari govt or shared from allies in a central repository. The system houses data from data & research providers like Bloomberg or The Global Food Security Index by the Economist
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  • 3
    The systems uses AI to filter and organize info from its various sources, allowing the official to search for rice related reports & data
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  • 4
    The system automatically alerts key MME & govt. officials when its analysis finds a threat that could potentially impact Qatar. MME & govt. officials can use the system’s analytics capabilities to scenario test the impact to Qatar’s food security
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  • 5
    Based on results of scenario test, government takes measures to tackle emerging international food security threats
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Potential Service Features

  • Searchable database
  • Automated alerts
  • Integration of multitude of global data & information sources
  • NLP based filtering
  • Scenario Testing Analytics

Implementation Analysis


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Key Implementation Consideration

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