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Smart Water Network

A nation-wide infrastructure that consolidates sensor data through a dashboard to optimize the operational efficiency of the water network. The network allows operators to mitigate effects of malfunctions and react more effectively

Key benefits

Reduce water waste
Reduce water waste
by earlier detection of leaks
Improve water network mgmt
Improve water network mgmt
with central dashboard/analytics
Reduce maintenance response time
Reduce maintenance response time
with more precise and faster issue detection and location

Related personas

User Journey

  • 1
    Data from water production facilities, aquifers, TSE & normal water networks & smart meters feed into the platform
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  • 2
    KahraMaa operators have access to the data. KahraMaa operators use the smart water network to manage the day to day operations
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  • 3
    Network uses analytics to flag potential leaks & other sources of water loss in the system, alerting the operator to fix the issues
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  • 4
    MME official runs report to analyze agriculture use of TSE network, correlates data and models scenarios for future farm Land Use Planning
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  • 5
    MME official uses the data to support a report of the sustainability benefits of connecting local farmers to the TSE network
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Potential Service Features

  • KahraMaa systems integration
  • Network mgmt. optimization
  • Realtime data feed
  • Leak & other issue alert automation

Implementation Analysis


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  • Medium
  • Long


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  • Viable in Short Term
  • Viable in Long Term


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Key Implementation Consideration

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