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Sustainable City Platform

A centralized source of data & insights for MME & other government stakeholders to make urban planning & national development plans. The platform will pool data about utility production, distribution & consumption, as well as natural resource use and pollution in the country & produce useful environmental & sustainability analysis

Key benefits

Support more sustainable public policy, laws and project selection
Support more sustainable public policy, laws and project selection
with more precise environmental data
Enable stronger public sector alignment
Enable stronger public sector alignment
with shared data and reduced administrative hurdles
Improve urban planning
Improve urban planning
for govt. authorities through optimized forecasting of energy & water flows as well as sources of environmental damage

Related personas

User Journey

  • 1
    MME urban planner logs on the sustainable city platform. He has access to utility production & distribution data feed from KahraMaa systems
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  • 2
    He has access to consumer data from Smart Meters, Utility Consumption Challenge & Sustainable Home Ecosystems
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  • 3
    He has access to pollution & Environmental hazard data from MME data collection centers around the country
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  • 4
    He runs an analysis to understand utility consumption patterns in the summer, correlates data and models what-if scenarios
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  • 5
    Based on the analysis results, he develops a report for the MME minister suggesting ways to plan new regulations to make buildings more sustainable in the summers
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Potential Service Features

  • Integration to provide data for MME & other govt. stakeholders
  • Analytics capabilities
  • Sustainability or environmental issue automated alerts
  • Visualization dashboard for govt users
  • Automated Report generation

Implementation Analysis


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Key Implementation Consideration

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