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Adolescent mental health

Application that is made up of a series of tools that can be used to help health professionals in their diagnosis and treatment of youth with mental disorders. The service is connected to the medical records and encourages a self risk assessment for mental health through questionnaires for early detection of various adolescent mental health issues. Multiple kinds of assessments can be included and integrated within the app which also provides educational content, programs, contact information and communication tool with social workers.

Key benefits

Improved care
Improved care
for adolescents through improved information flow related to mental health across care providers and medical facilities
Increased adolescents’ engagement
Increased adolescents’ engagement
resulting in higher number of completed and updated assessments, enabling timely interventions
Improved visibility
Improved visibility
into metrics and trends regarding mental health across the country

Related personas

User Journey

  • 1
    Rashed’s physician is caring about Rashed’s mental health as an adolescent He encourages him to download the adolescent health app to have a view on his mental health
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  • 2
    Rashed downloads the app and starts a mental health assessment through an intelligent and user friendly questionnaire The results of his test are automatically shared to his physician and incorporated to his medical records
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  • 3
    The app pushes fun online quizzes to encourage adoption
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  • 4
    Rashed has also access to educational resources raising awareness on mental health issues within adolescents
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  • 5
    Rashed can use a risk assessment module and interventions features are activated when needed
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Potential Service Features

  • Diagnosis report
  • Automated reports
  • Patient file sharing
  • Automated notifications
  • Predictive analytics

Implementation Analysis


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Key Implementation Consideration

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