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Road to Vehicle Communication

Receive real-time roadway information from central traffic management systems. The vehicles recognize high-risk situations in advance, resulting in driver alerts and warnings through specific actions. The drivers are also made aware of their surroundings such as traffic lights, traffic signals, parking lots and emergency situations to be able to act accordingly.

Key benefits

Enhanced Surroundings Awareness
Enhanced Surroundings Awareness
Drivers are kept informed of their surroundings in real-time through road infrastructure (e.g. traffic lights), enabling contextual and location-based feeds.
Improved Traffic Flow
Improved Traffic Flow
Upcoming traffic lights continuously feed vehicles recommended speeds to minimize stoppages. Similarly, emergency vehicle paths are always cleared.
Improved Traffic Management
Improved Traffic Management
Distributed road infrastructure can act as sensors feeding data to a national traffic management platform generating insights and intelligence.

User Journey

  • 1
    Driver starts his connected vehicle and receives traffic congestion data from his regular route on his vehicle screen
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  • 2
    The optimal driving speed to catch the next green light is displayed on the vehicle screen
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  • 3
    As he approaches an intersection, he is notified of an emergency vehicle so stops his vehicle and the traffic light turns red and the idling vehicle’s engine turns
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  • 4
    On the vehicle screen, the driver monitors a countdown for the green light and is notified of a new pedestrian crossing ahead
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  • 5
    The driver safely completes his journey around the city
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Potential Service Features

  • Link to Car Dashboard
  • Voice Commands
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
  • Vehicle Speed Remote Monitoring
  • Crowd Sourced Road Information

Implementation Analysis

Implementation Timeline

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Regulatory Conduciveness

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  • Favorable
  • Challenged
  • Complex

Technology Commercial Viability

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  • Viable in Long Term

Investment Requirements

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Key Implementation Consideration

Conceptual Diagram

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