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Single Transport Pass

Create a single traveler profile and deploy a universal digital ticketing system across Qatar's diverse transportation mediums, providing a homogenous traveler experience. The Single Transport Pass is available for subscribers as well as one-time users, offering personalized services and ePayment functionalities and can manifest itself in the form NFC based cards, smartphones, and wearables.

Key benefits

Seamless Journeys
Seamless Journeys
Travelers benefit from a single digital ticketing system across all Qatar’s public transportation mediums.
Streamlined Station Operations
Streamlined Station Operations
Through public transportation stations, traveler flows are streamlined and uninterrupted thanks to smart tickets and biometric identification.
Reduced Operating Costs
Reduced Operating Costs
Introducing digital tickets, public transportation operations benefits from paperless transactions and a reduction in illegal gates passing.

User Journey

  • 1
    Traveler subscribes to the Single Transport Pass service on his mobile application
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  • 2
    He selects his ticketing package and settles the payment electronically and ticketing package is synchronized with his mobile account
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  • 3
    He takes the metro and scans his mobile phone through the gates
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  • 4
    As he switches modes of transportation, he uses his mobile phone for identification
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  • 5
    His mobile phone dies and he identifies himself with a physical smart chip but his account is automatically topped-up with credit as it nears its limit
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Potential Service Features

  • Mobile and Smart Watch Ticketing Compatibility
  • Automated Credit Top-Up
  • Biometric Passenger Identification
  • NFC Enabled Identification

Implementation Analysis

Implementation Timeline

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Regulatory Conduciveness

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  • Complex

Technology Commercial Viability

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  • Viable in Long Term

Investment Requirements

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Key Implementation Consideration

Conceptual Diagram

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