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Smart Taxi

Provide high-quality taxi services, empowered by digital technologies such as ePayments, natural language translation and real-time trip information. The Smart Taxi system would enable seamless journeys and payment authentication using NFC, and would provide the passenger with a contextual infotainment system displaying relevant ads and journey information.

Key benefits

Enhanced Travel Experience
Enhanced Travel Experience
With real-time traffic feed, passengers are aware of their surroundings and their arrival time. Similarly, facilitated payment options make their trip hassle-free.
Facilitated Communication
Facilitated Communication
Natural Language Translation systems allow passengers to communicate directly with their drivers in any language avoiding any misunderstanding.
Enhanced Special Needs Accessibility
Enhanced Special Needs Accessibility
Passengers can conveniently request special vehicles to meet their needs through digital channels, making taxis more accessible.

User Journey

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    A passenger requests a taxi with disability access via the mobile application
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  • 2
    A taxi is matched and dispatched the location of the passenger
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    In the taxi, the passenger can interact with a screen and check his ETA
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    He communicates with the driver in his own language through the natural language translation system
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    The passenger settles the payment electronically through his NFC enabled mobile
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Potential Service Features

  • Electronic Receipts
  • Targeted Advertising
  • NFC Enabled Payment
  • Natural Language Processing
  • On-Board Wi-Fi
  • Special Needs Accessibility

Implementation Analysis

Implementation Timeline

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  • Long

Regulatory Conduciveness

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  • Challenged
  • Complex

Technology Commercial Viability

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  • Viable in Long Term

Investment Requirements

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  • High

Key Implementation Consideration

Conceptual Diagram

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