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Dec 02 2019    -   10 minutes

TASMU Smart Qatar Program hosts French Trade Delegation at MoTC

The TASMU Smart Qatar initiative, a flagship program by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), hosted a French trade delegation in partnership with the French Embassy.

The TASMU Smart Qatar initiative, a flagship program by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), hosted a French trade delegation in partnership with the French Embassy. The delegation, which consisted of 24 French businesses, were briefed on TASMU’s Smart Qatar program at MoTC’s majlis. The event was directed by Mr. Guillaume Pepy, Head of the Qatar-France Council at the French Business Confederation (MEDEF), and Reem al-Mansoori, assistant undersecretary of Digital Society Development Sector at MoTC.

The event was attended by Franck Gellet, the French Ambassador to Qatar and Mr. Marc Rennard, Head of the Digital Task Force at MEDEF and Chief Executive Officer of Orange Digital Investment. The French trade delegation that attended the event included leading companies that are transforming their business models to integrate digital dimensions in their activities such as CITELUM - GROUPE EDF, SAUR and SNCF. The delegation also included companies that provide technological and consulting solutions such as EGIS, SETEC, as well as smart solutions consultants. Other companies were present at the briefing, such as Famoco, which provide security systems for new technologies, in addition to financial technologies solutions such as Fime. Another company, Flowbird, that specializes in smart parking solutions, took part. Lastly, companies such as Thales, that have developed special expertise in integrated smart and sustainable cities, were also part of the delegation.

TASMU’s presence during QITCOM 2019, the largest Information and Communication Technology showcase and event in Qatar, organized by MoTC, attracted interest from the French trade delegation. This briefing event was created to address and discuss the delegation’s interest in investing heavily in Qatar’s growing ICT market, specifically TASMU’s transportation, logistics and environment sectors.

As one of TASMU’s integral parts, the TASMU Digital Valley is advancing cooperation between multinationals, start-ups, small and medium enterprises and research institutes. It’s an ICT ecosystem where industry, academia and the public sector come together to help achieve the vision of Smart Qatar. It aims to use funds to drive innovation and support the implementation of TASMU projects.

As the main driver of Qatar’s transformation into a sustainable and technology-driven country, TASMU oversees the development and implementation of smart technologies in five priority sectors across the nation; Transportation, Healthcare, Logistics, Environment, and Sports.

French Trade Delegation at MoTC

TASMU is currently developing over 100 use-cases that address national challenges. The first and second wave of these use-cases will be completed by 2020, this includes real-time crowd and transportation management, intelligent road signage, national food security analytics, digital shipping guide, virtual physician consultation services, mobile clinics, active living index, and more.

H. E. Reem Al-Mansoori, the Assistant Undersecretary of Digital Society Development in Qatar’s Ministry of Transportation and Communication said: “We were delighted to host the French trade delegation on our premises today. As our National Day slogan states, the path to excellence is difficult. Therefore, at TASMU, we are always looking to foster collaboration and bring together government entities, local SMEs, large multinational companies, research and academic institutes, startups, and NGOs to create tangible real-life applications that are contextual and relevant to Qatar’s current and future challenges.”

She added: “We had a promising session with the businesses involved in the French trade delegation and look forward to working with them on the solutions were currently building to support our Smart Qatar initiative.”

TASMU fosters collaboration and coordination with governmental entities and the industry to align collective efforts in delivering the QNV 2030 through innovation and advanced technology, driving the nation towards being a knowledge-based economy. The program is facilitating Qatar’s transformation into a Smart Country, which means increased convenience and accessibility for Qatar’s citizens, residents, and visitors.