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Food Rescue platform

E-commerce platform that reduces food loss by selling food non-complying with visual standards and food waste by selling almost-expired food to a discounted rate which otherwise would be thrown away

Key benefits

Reduce food loss & waste
Reduce food loss & waste
by selling and almost-expired food products which would otherwise go to waste
Increase consumer awareness
Increase consumer awareness
on quality & sustainability of fresh produce and sustainable shopping by promoting unsold food
Offer an environmental friendly
Offer an environmental friendly
option for additional revenue generation for local farmers & food suppliers

Related personas

User Journey

  • 1
    Maria learns that there is a marketplace where she can buy misfit & almost-expired foods at discounted prices.
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  • 2
    Maria installs the app on the mobile phone and searches for peaches and cabbages she would like to purchase Peaches are put into the shopping cart but the cabbages are not on shelf yet.
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  • 3
    A few minutes later, Maria receives a push notification that cabbage have been put on sale.
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  • 4
    Maria checks the offer on the app and decides to order the cabbages too. Maria checks out and pays a small delivery fee.
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  • 5
    The products are delivered to her home in the same day.
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Potential Service Features

  • Subscription packages
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Secure Payment Platform
  • Daily inventory updates
  • Product Alerts

Implementation Analysis


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  • Medium
  • Long


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  • Currently Viable
  • Viable in Short Term
  • Viable in Long Term


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Key Implementation Consideration

Relevant Tech Solutions