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Online meditation

Platform providing tailored meditation programs to improve mental wellbeing and exercise mindfulness. The content is localized and designed to address specific Qatari mental health pressures. The platform includes specific modules for adolescents and elderly people

Key benefits

Improved mental health
Improved mental health
through guided meditation programs that promote mindfulness, leading to an overall improvement in heath
Improved attention
Improved attention
focus and concentration through calm and effective audio content
Enhanced sleep
Enhanced sleep
and decreased insomnia through sleep casts and content that aids relaxation and falling asleep

Related personas

User Journey

  • 1
    David is stressed at work, he is unable to manage his emotions, and he experiences insomnia
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  • 2
    David downloads the meditation app for a healthier and more stable mind. David gets access to different packs of Arabic guided meditations to select from
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  • 3
    David selects a 10 day pack and does the daily meditation session. He receives notifications that help him develop a daily habit
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  • 4
    Before he sleeps, David listens to a sleep cast. He falls asleep easily. David visits the app daily for mindful activities including walking, eating and exercising
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  • 5
    As he develops his practice, David unlocks new content more suited for his level
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Potential Service Features

  • Smart recommendations
  • Automated notifications
  • Personalized advice
  • Module for children and adolescents
  • Module for elderly people

Implementation Analysis


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Key Implementation Consideration

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