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On-Route Concierge

Provide on-route assistive services to accompany travelers through their public transportation journeys. The On-Route Concierge offers on-demand support at the fingertips of all travelers (i.e. chat bot, call center) and proactive automated actions for Single Transport Pass users.

Key benefits

Synchornized Journeys
Synchornized Journeys
The service can proactively pre-order a private vehicle based on estimated drop-off station timing or update electronic tickets based on new schedules.
Tailored Customer Care
Tailored Customer Care
Multiple customer service channels are at the travelers’ disposal ant any given time including a hotline and chat-bot, capable of assisting in personalizing trips.
Optimized Service Operations
Optimized Service Operations
By having visibility on traveler journeys, public transportation management is further adapted for reduced waiting times and optimal supply of vehicles.

User Journey

  • 1
    Traveler pre-books his journey and receives his Single Transport Pass on his mobile phone
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  • 2
    He initiates his journey and scans his mobile phone against the metro NFC reader
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  • 3
    An autonomous car is automatically ordered, in-time for his final metro stop
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  • 4
    At final metro stop, traveler verifies autonomous car assignment on kiosk and uses the chat-bot to alter a segment in his return journey
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  • 5
    He receives his updated return journey confirmation
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Potential Service Features

  • Chat-Bot Support
  • NFC Enabled Identification
  • Automated Vehicle Ordering
  • Voice Commands

Implementation Analysis

Implementation Timeline

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Regulatory Conduciveness

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  • Complex

Technology Commercial Viability

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Investment Requirements

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Key Implementation Consideration

Conceptual Diagram

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