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Smart workforce apparel and devices

Real time monitoring of general health conditions of field workers by leveraging wearable sensors. This tracking reminds workers and their employers to take enough timely breaks, to stay hydrated and to control body temperature and stress.


Key benefits

Empowered workers
Empowered workers
able to monitor and understand their health
Improve health
Improve health
of workers by monitoring their health vitals and working conditions
Improved visibility
Improved visibility
into metrics and trends affecting workers' health

Related personas

User Journey

  • 1
    Sajit is a construction worker and he wears a set of connected devices to monitor his health while working. His connected device starts recording his physical activity and measures his vitals
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  • 2
    It automatically sends him notifications recommending him to take a break and rehydrate. His wearable device senses the outdoor temperature and alerts him when it is getting too hot
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  • 3
    It sends him alerts and recommend him to wear a cooling hat. Sajit wears an intelligent heating and cooling garment that monitors his skin temperature
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  • 4
    His intelligent garment regulates his temperature proactively. Data is collected and centralized from his connected devices for better registries and are analyzed
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  • 5
    Data is easily accessible and can be visualized through an interactive dashboard to help make decisions regarding guidelines, measures, etc
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Potential Service Features

  • Personalized advice
  • Automated distress signal
  • Automated reports
  • Insurance company synchronization

Implementation Analysis


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  • Currently viable
  • Viable in Short Term
  • Viable in Long Term


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Key Implementation Consideration

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